Masaryk Commercial Academy, Jičín

Jičín is a small town located in a beautiful area of the Bohemian Paradise about 100 kilometres to the north west of the nation's capital Prague. The town is proud of its long education tradition (the first secondary school - gymnasium - founded in 1624) and the diversity of schools the citizens have the chance to choose from.

Our school was founded in 1922 and was named for the distinguished personality of the first Czechoslovak president T. G. Masaryk. In its history it has undergone a number of changes resulting in its present position of a modern educational facility providing the students with top quality secondary education in the line of economics and clerical skills.

The latest nationwide official ranking placed MOA within the best four schools among more than 300 schools of a similar specialization in the whole of the Czech Republic.

This year student body of MOA represents 300 young people aged 15-19, both Jičín residents and from neighbouring towns and villages. In the first two grades they are taught predominantly general subjects (humanities, science, languages, ...), beginning in the third grade the students are offered a wide selection of optional special subjects (accounting, computing, law, business correspondence and a lot of others) which enables them to better concentrate on their future career goals.

The co-curricalar and extra-curricular program offers the students to participate in a number of clubs, ranging from culture to sports.

The faculty, staff and students are very proud of past achievements and expect to continue the positive steps that have made MOA one of the best schools. The teachers, administrators and parents stand ready to assist all student in making their years at MOA exciting, educative and rewarding and thus develop young adults who are academically and socially prepared for the 21st century.
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